The culprit behind the murder of full-time tutoring centers
"The reason why the tutoring business is difficult to do is mainly because primary schools in Hong Kong are gradually turning into full-time schools. Tutorial clubs do not have enough students in the morning period and cannot make good use of the morning slot to share rent. On the contrary, playgroups can arrange classes in the afternoon, so Switch to the playgroup market." said Hu Qiguang, founder of Xiaobao Education Co., Ltd.
In recent years, the birth rate in Hong Kong has gradually increased. The new generation of parents has changed their requirements for early childhood education. They want to develop their children's multiple intelligences and arrange parent-child activities. The tutoring club originally opened by Hu Qiguang mainly provided homework tutoring and English tutoring. He drew on past experience and opened Siubo Education Group in 2002, introducing English classes into the playgroup as one of its selling points, and began to provide services to kindergartens, schools and education The center provides services such as tutors and multiple intelligence courses.
"In the early days of the company's establishment, Siubo Education Group has opened several education centers, focusing on training young children in English, improving their learning abilities and providing homework guidance for primary school students. Therefore, it has also accumulated considerable experience in children's education. We have also In 2007, we introduced high-quality English teaching materials from foreign countries in order to provide the most complete education solutions and supporting facilities for all educational institutions in Hong Kong."